Springpad - P90X and Hammer's Other Sports Agendas

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cobblestone Golf With The Northwest Crew on Tuesday!

I finally got a chance to play Cobblestone Golf Course with Jeff Tate and Terrence Singh. We were joined by one of their regulars, Brian. The greens were awesome (renovated last fall), and those guys all hit it long. We played from the back tees (around 6800 yards) and I started out slowly.....triple and bogey. No one scored well on the front (46,46,46,50).

I was very impressed with Jeff's putting. He is a vastly improved putter and with his long game, he should see some impressive scores this season. Terrence is always solid, but had a couple of big numbers. I rebounded with a solid second nine (42)  and finished with 88,my best score out there by several strokes. Jeff finished strong with a 91,Terrence 94 and Brian 97 which was only because he had a 10 on a par four.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

State Of (My Golf ) The Game

I'm hitting the driver better than I have ever hit it and I can even hit a bit of a draw! My irons are my weak spot and the focal point of the remainder of pre-season. I've discovered a putting tip and I'm very excited about it! I am sure I'll make more birdies this year than ever! I am hitting my wedges better than ever and my chipping is solid. I'll treat the rest of this month as "practice rounds" and get in scoring mode at the beginning of April.

Working Out and Getting Ready!

I began my P90x routine 3 weeks ago and I'm finally in the swing of the routine. It's been so much more difficult this time around and I'm not sure why. I'm heavier (25lbs overweight can't help!) and the first week I was sore beyond my tolerance level. I'm now adjusting my diet and I'm mentally adjusted for the rigors to come!

I've already tweaked my left shoulder (this week) and both my triceps the first workout! I didn't think I was started out too gung ho, but maybe I'm just old! Anyhow it's on and poppin' now!