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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Treatment for sore/damaged body parts

This is Kinsio tape procedure for a rotator cuff which I am having serious problems with. This is also being used for hamstrings,knees and elbows.


Sore Shoulder.....Still Working Out!

I've got two tears in my left rotator cuff and some arthritis in there as well, but I'm still working out hard and just doing light weight multiple reps on the shoulder routines. It's affecting me more at night and early morning than during the day. My MRI was last week and it confirmed possible surgery (which I won't do).

Here is one of my Yoga poses that Marlene took for me. I tried not to show how much I struggle with this workout!

I've noticed that my overall athletic prowess is much more enhanced in the past couple of months since doing these workouts and I can wear my old clothes again!