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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rain,Rain Go Away

It's been raining down here all week.  I wanted to play some tennis ( I'm in a singles tournament as well), but the weather is not cooperating.  My little one, Shawn had hernia surgery on Monday. All went well and he's bouncing off the walls as usual!

Andy Davis and I played Crystal Lakes on Saturday and we had  a blast.  We teed off at 3pm and the course was wide open. Although over-priced, you can find some great deals at golfnow.com for singles or foursomes.
I shot 83 and Andy shot 94. We worked on Andy's address position on the back 9 and he was coming off the tee extremely well! We both birdied the 9th.....he chipped in (putted off the fringe) and I made a 20 footer right behind him, with a very cute cart girl cheering us on (hey, we were minding our own business!!!)

The MGA (Men's Golf Association) monthly  tournament held at Fort McPhearson is scheduled for this Saturday and I'm still up in the air as to whether I'll play or not. It's a fantastic event, and although the course isn't long, it's a risk/reward layout.  I don't normally play unless Sy Fitzgerald or John Perry plays. I have an 11 handicap there and I feel I am playing to a lower handicap in the past 2 months.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Golf Recap

My golfnut crew played golf on Saturday and Monday this past holiday weekend.
On Saturday we played Woodmont Golf Club located north of Atlanta. We had 7 golfers: John Hamler,Andy Davis (who came in from TN),Charles Edgerton,Sy Fitzgerald,John Perry,Marlon Madden, and Bobby Reed.
The course was in great shape and everyone enjoyed the venue. I shot 79 and consider this round as one of my best rounds in a couple of years. My playing partners struggled a bit on the front, but JP (John Perry) shot a very good sub 45 on the back. Charles shot well on the front, but a chronic back injury affected his play on the back.

Monday we played one of my favorite courses in the Atlanta area, Cotton Fields Golf Club, located off of 75 South.
Sam Matchett, Terrence Singh, and William "Tinkman" Taylor joined the fray. The course was in great shape and proved to be a thorough,but enjoyable test for all. Terrence was low man with a well earned 82 followed by "yours truly with an 83(lost ball on the edge of the fairway on 17 ..Singh escapes again... CRAP!!!...it's golf though..sigh). Notable scores were William Taylor 87 and Charles Edgerton with 86.

Sy struggled a bit this weekend and I'm sure his leviathan work load is the primary cause of his higher scores of late. JP is still on the recovery trail of a wrist injury. Sam Matchett is struggling with a shoulder problem. Charles Edgerton is just happy to be walking semi-upright with a lower disc problem. Andy Davis is going through some swing changes. Also, we are all old as heck!!

One of my more humorous and memorable moments was when I noticed in the last several rounds that Marlon was struggling off the tee with hook/pull tee shots. I suggested to him (hesitantly) to align his setup more to the right to allow himself a more comfortable release.....he tried this advice and immediately went 1 under for the next 4 holes. And what did I receive for this wonderful adjustment?? Chastisement for not suggesting this to him earlier!!! LOL, Marlon said I probably cost him at least a half dozen prov1s!

Another big outing is scheduled for 2 weeks from now! Stay tuned....