Springpad - P90X and Hammer's Other Sports Agendas

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Work Out Warrior Is Hanging In There!

I'm in phase 2 of my P90X routine and I'm getting my "sea legs" now. My shoulder injury is responding well to my work outs and I'm now SLOWLY beginning to increase weight and reps to my upper body routines during the week.

I can see the results on the golf course (20+ yards longer off the tee and my irons are solid now!) and I'm becoming a beast again on the tennis courts.  I dusted off my road bike and did some hill work last night as well. I need to take the bike in to get tuned up, but the budget is forestalling that to next month. 18 lbs lost so far and 8 more to my target weight.

I am trying very hard to work on flexibility this year. I want to gain at least 150% more flexibility by the end of this year.....I think it will be the key to some impressive "senior" improvements in my future athletic  endeavors.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Singh Goes Low at Cobblestone!!!

Our man Terrence put together a fabulous round at Cobblestone Golf Course yesterday. He shot 81 from the tips  (42 out 39 in). That's an outstanding score from the back tees there! (anything under 90 from the tips means you are golfing your ball). Brian shot a super 86 (43 43) and Jeff Tate made a solid round of 92 ( 45,47) and that included a 9  on # 5!